The Buffalo Chicken Wrap

There are only two meals that I’m actually good at making: 1. Pulled Chicken Sandwiches (will post recipe the next time I make it) and 2. Buffalo Chicken Wraps. They’re amazing. And they happened by accident.

We do our grocery shopping on Fridays, so by the time Thursday rolls around, we’re usually pretty low on groceries. One evening I began to prepare things for burritos but realized belatedly that we hadn’t any beef, ground turkey, or lettuce. So I pulled some breaded chicken strips from our freezer and became creative.

The ingredients for my Buffalo Chicken Wraps:


– Breaded chicken strips – two strips used per wrap
– Cheese – shredded (we use marble cheddar)
– Carrots – peeled and shredded
– Tomatoes  – chopped into small pieces
– Spinnach – we use baby spinach leaves
– Tortillas – we have used all varieties of wraps, so I don’t think the brand or flavour matters
– Frank’s Red Hot Sauce – we’ve used the “thick” variety and regular and both worked nicely
– Ranch dressing

IMG_1678 IMG_1680

The steps I use for making the wraps:

1. Cook the chicken (as directed on the back of the package) then slice into three strips (as picture shows). Allow me to explain… I do this because I’ve found that when biting into a wrap, I get one bite full of meat and the next full of extras. By slicing the chicken, I’ve found that the extras squeeze between the chicken, allowing for each bite to have both meat and extras.


2. Warm the tortillas in the microwave (about 18 seconds) so that they are easier to fold/wrap at the end

3. Sprinkle cheese (I’ll let you choose the amount – it’s to taste, really) from one end of the tortilla to the other, directly through the centre. I leave a little bit of space at the bottom to make folding the wrap easier at the end.

4. Place sliced chicken (of two strips) over the cheese. With luck, the warmth of the chicken and tortilla will soften the cheese.


5. Sprinkle shredded carrots and tomatoes over the chicken.

6. Add sauce. I like my hot sauce, so I usually put a healthy amount of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce on mine. Then I add a strip of ranch dressing.


7. I select some leaves of spinach and place them along the top.


8. Once the ingredients of my wrap have been added, I fold up the bottom (so the sauces don’t drip and the food doesn’t fall out) then I wrap it.


This recipe, I would highly recommend you try. It’s one of our weekly go-to meals.

Happy cooking, everyone! Thank you for reading!


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