It’s Been a While

Good evening, blog readers! Wow. It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve written a blog post. Sorry! We dealt with the kids being sick with nasty colds and other issues, all of which have been taken care of. My children are all well recovered and running about like little monkeys once again.

I just finished reading two great books, which I’ve reviewed on Goodreads. They were Fried Windows: In A Light White Sauce by Elgon Williams and Sitnalta by Alisse Lee Goldenberg. I confess that excluding J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, I have never read anything akin to fantasy before these two novels. I read Historical Romance nearly exclusively (though I intend to remedy that). But I must say, that I truly enjoyed both of these novels.

Sitnalta was a light and calming read while also adventurous and interesting.

Fried Windows: In A Light White Sauce brought me into an entirely different world. It was wonderfully and magically entertaining.

Things got rather busy for me once I signed the contracts with my publisher; there were a lot of behind-the-scenes things that were required of me and I needed to re-edit my five novels. Things are just now calming down, so today I began the process of re-absorbing¬†myself in my next novel. As I am already a quarter of the way through writing it, I must re-read what I’ve already written before I start writing again. I must say, I am rather excited about this one! Of course, I’m always excited about my current novel!

I plan to continue writing blogs, though I cannot say how many of them will be about new foods that I try. Each time I try something new, however, I promise to take photos. For now, you will likely hear about the progress of my writing, books, or other of my hobbies.

Thank you all for reading!


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