The Office of an Author

Good morning, everyone! Today I am very excited. The work on my office has been slow moving for some time for various reasons, but as a Christmas gift from my Dad and brother, my bookshelves are finally going in!

Last February, we moved out of our townhouse and put all of our things in storage in order to live with family and search for a house. In May we moved into our beautiful new house and began renovations/minor updates throughout our home. But this blog is about my office.

It can be difficult to explain how very important my books are to me, but let it be known that I feel lost without them. They have been in boxes since February and their absence has taken its toll on my emotions. But alas! I am finally seeing some shelves go up!

My husband has been working extra hard lately and I thought I’d take some pressure off of him by hiring someone to take care of putting the shelves in my office in. Well, the quote came back a little higher than we’d anticipated, so that fell through. One day we may put in some solid built-in wood shelves to make it a more “professional” library/office. But I can honestly say that I don’t care what the material of the shelves, I just want to put up my books!

Needless to say, I am ecstatic that my Dad and brother have decided to gift the shelves and their time for a Christmas present for me. They were over here yesterday putting the shelves together, but they have yet to be put on the walls. They’re coming back over today, at which time I will take more photos and put it in another blog.

Here are some photos of the progress:

We added a closet for my art supplies. It also adds resale value into the house because it makes my office into a “bedroom”.


This is my big window that looks into our backyard.


The room near the beginning of the renovation.


The closet and my feature wall painted a light purple.


The laminate flooring that Hubby put in.


This is my desk. The remaining walls are a pastel green.


We added a day bed. It pulls out to be a king size bed.


I wanted to get a picture of the ceiling and the light fixture that was there. Hubby’s an electrician, so this was an easy fix for him.


The ceiling is mostly done. I’m very pleased with the light now!


This is one of the walls that will have shelves on it.


These two photos are what my office looks like currently. I love organizing and I love books, so this is an absolute dream come true for me! I am so excited to start emptying my boxes of books!

IMG_3572 IMG_3573

I already know precisely what I’ll be doing this evening… Putting books away!  While I was writing this blog, my Dad and my brother arrived. Now they and Hubby are downstairs working on getting things set up for me. I’m trembling with excitement! I can hardly contain it!

I will post another blog with further updates on the progress of my office and likely the books that I’ve collected. I received many antiquarian books for Christmas last year but I have yet to remove them from their gift-wrapped boxes. I am so looking forward to seeing what I have!

Stay tuned and thank you all so much for reading!


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