Happy New Year!

Good afternoon, blog readers! I apologize for being absent for so many days. I have had many get-togethers with family and have been busy playing with my kids and their new toys. To me, this is what the holidays are about. Family!

So while I have been absent, I have not been here to wish you all a very happy holiday! Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and a very Happy New Year! I apologize if I’ve missed your holiday on the list.

I have several friends who do not celebrate anything, and to them I hope they’ve had a lovely break from work and have still managed to see their friends and family while they’re off.

This has been a very eventful year for me. While it is the first year in many (and the first in many to come) that I have not been pregnant, had recently given birth, or was still recovering from having a baby (or babies), it was still one of many wonderful years.

Each year comes with its ups and downs and this year was no different. I, however, choose to focus on the good in my life, for I am one of those people that will be quickly consumed with dark grief from the world around me if I allow it to overtake me. It is for that reason that I brighten my life with happy thoughts, joyous laughter, and cheerful people.

This year we celebrated my husband’s 30th Birthday by going on a trip with our friends, we bought our first house, my eldest son started his first year of school, I have been picked up by a publisher, and I received the gift of my first office/library. Each of these things will forevermore make this year stand out in my mind for the rest of my life. Each of these things made this year remarkably special.

Next year, I resolve to take more home videos of my children. I took many while my sons were younger, but as the past 4 years have gone by, I scarcely take the camera out of its bag any longer. I aim to change that this year. What is your resolution? Do you make resolutions?

I look forward to the year to come. I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year and 2015 treats you well, indeed.

Thank you for reading!


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