What I’ve Been Up To: Part Two: The Masters of Distraction

Good morning, everyone! As most of you know by now, not only am I an author of historical romance novels, but I’m also a stay-at-home mom of four children aged five and under. So as you might guess, my days are consumed with my children (first and foremost), chores (oh, how I loath them), and my writing (whenever I can get my fingers to my keyboard).

What some of you might not know, however, is how crafty my children are at becoming the masters of distraction. Now, I’m not just talking about the usual juice or snack requests, their attempt to use me as a human jungle gym, or the running about and screaming like banshees. Nor am I talking about the fact that I have to vacuum at least once per day or shampoo my carpets three times per week. My children are particularly skilled at getting into things they shouldn’t and making spectacular messes.

We all know that children are mischievous. We also know that they’re the most mischievous when they see that we’re occupied with something… more often than not, it’s something important. Getting into trouble while I’m on a phone call to someone other than a friend or family member, while the stove is on, while chopping veggies, or, as is most often in my case, while working.

Last week, for example, while I was preparing dinner, my one-and-a-half year old daughter came upstairs covered in something red. We learned later that she was playing with an ink pad for stamps. We are not sure where she found it, but as you can see in the photo below, she had some fun with it. The red ink was also all over the recroom, the toys, table, shelves, carpet, couch… everything. It has been a week and I am still finding things covered in red. But while my daughter would happily take credit for the whole mess, she had an accomplice; her twin brother.


The twins get into some fun *ahem – trouble* together, but they can also be really cute.


IMG_3762 IMG_3808

One of the most common distractions that I face during the day, with regards to my children, is my daughter’s constant wardrobe changes. She goes through hers and her brothers’ dresser drawers searching for things to try on. It is a constant struggle to try to keep just one set of clothes on her per day. We’re working on it.


Our older sons, aged five and four, have a love of messes, as well. The recroom is often far messier than this, but thankfully the boys are very good cleaners.


The boys received Lego for Christmas. While I completely support their affinity for creativity and playing with anything other than electronic games, the mess can be a bit much.


Being a mom is my favourite part of life. My children bring me fulfilment, laughter, love, happiness… the list could go on. They’re also little monkeys who climb on the furniture, throw things, and scream for no reason. So while my children are most certainly little masters of distraction, they’re a very welcome distraction.

Thank you for reading!


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