The Lettuce Wrap

Good morning, blog readers! Guess what? I actually cooked a dinner this week! Yes, amid my very busy schedule of late, I finally managed to make a meal. It was delicious!

At our house, we love lettuce wraps. I didn’t even have to search for a recipe on Pinterest, because this one is already a family favourite.


– 1 head lettuce
– 2 cloves garlic, very finely minced
– 2 packages of lean ground turkey meat (or beef, if that is your preference)
– Hoisin sauce
– Soy sauce
– Ginger (peeled and minced from chunk no larger than the pad of your thumb)
– 2-4 large carrots
*Note: This recipe is also very good if you add chopped water chestnuts – we just didn’t have any)

IMG_3198 IMG_3199

Directions: (for the crockpot – I will write about doing it in a pan instead at the end)

1. Lightly coat the bottom of the crockpot with sauce (both a dab of hoisin and some soy sauce).

2. Put ground meat into the crock pot. Mine was partially frozen still, but thawed would be better.


3. Top the meat with dribble of sauce.

IMG_3201 IMG_3202

4. Add ginger (I used a chunk no larger than the pad of my thumb, peeled it, and used my special mincer to mince it) and garlic.


5. Put crockpot on high for several hours (could be 5 or 6, even longer, depending on when the meat is cooked). I opened my crockpot up several times throughout the day and “chunked” up the ground meat, though I suppose this could be done at the end.


6. I added more sauce throughout the cooking process and also scooped out some of the liquid from the thawed meat after it had been cooked. When you know the meat is done, have a taste of the mixture to make sure the spices are to your liking. Add more soy or hoisin if needed.

7. Once it has been cooked, clean a head of lettuce and peel off the layers, trying to keep each layer in tact to create little lettuce bowls.


8. Peel and shred 2-4 carrots (I peeled four in the photo, but only grated 3).

IMG_3206 IMG_3210

9. Add carrots and mix.



10. Serve. I put the meat in a large bowl and place in the centre of the table with a serving spoon. Each person can take a “bowl” of lettuce and fill with meat mixture.


**How to cook this in a pan:

Mix all ingredients (except carrots) in a deep pan and cook until meat is done. Add carrots at the end and serve.

*Note: This can get really messy, so I would eat over a plate or bowl.


This is a delicious meal that my husband and kids love. I like my crockpot version, but it is faster in the pan. Over all a favourite in our house!

IMG_3216_2 IMG_3217

Enjoy and thank you for reading!


Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

Good morning, everyone! Today I get to tell you about the cover image for my blog. I found the recipe (yes) on Pinterest and have modified it to my personal taste.

The recipe:

– 2 containers of BBQ sauce (I use Kraft’s Hickory and Chicken and Rib – I find that the mixture of flavours works very well. I have pictured them below)
– 2 to 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts ( I used 2 in the pictures today)
– 1/2 or 1 chopped white onion (to taste – I can’t stand onions, so I only use 1/2 and I sift it out later)

IMG_2161 IMG_2164

This is an extremely simple recipe, which I think is why I am actually good at it. I also highly recommend it, because, well… yum.

These are the (simple) directions:

1. Dump the entire contents of one BBQ sauce bottle into the bottom of the slow cooker.


2. Chop the onion. I keep it in larger chunks because I do not like onion and I sift the pieces out after. But if you like onions, then I recommend chopping them into smaller pieces so that they can be mixed into the pulled chicken.


3. Put the chopped onion on top of BBQ sauce in slow cooker.


4. Place 2-3 chicken breasts on top of BBQ sauce and onions.


5. Dump contents of other BBQ sauce container on top.


6. Turn on slow cooker on high at 340 degrees F for 6 hours. I usually prepare my dinner at noon and we eat around 6:30pm, but if you want it to cook through the day, then lower the temp to probably 330 or 320.


I sometimes poke the chicken with a wooden spoon after a few hours just to make sure that they’re all coated and they’re cooking. I might flip them over, as well. It’s perfectly fine to just leave them alone though. The picture below was taken about half way through the cooking process – after I’d poked the chicken.


7. After the 6 hours, take the chicken out. You will know the chicken is done when it falls apart while you’re trying to remove it from the crock pot.

IMG_2177 IMG_2179

8. Pull the chicken. You can do this with your tongs, with two forks, sporks, or with your hands (careful, it’s hot!). It’s entirely your choice. I will either use one spork and one fork or I will take it apart with my tongs.

9. Once all the larger chunks are pulled and it’s just stringy meat, scoop out BBQ sauce from the slow cooker (and the onion bits, if that’s what you like) and put it in with the chicken. *Note: More than one scoop will be required. I usually put 4 or 5 scoops of sauce in.

IMG_2180 IMG_2181

10. Once it’s mixed with the sauce and the consistency you like, place it on buns (we’ve used regular hamburger buns or kaiser buns, it’s your choice).

IMG_2182 IMG_2186

11. Serve! Yum! My husband and kids love these. We have them at least once per week.

Enjoy and thank you for reading!