Exciting News!

Good afternoon, everyone! I’m so happy to be able to share some exciting news with all of you! I have accepted the position of Acquisitions Manager for Pandamoon Publishing! I’m so pleased with the change! It will keep me busy for the next little while, but rest assured, I will still find the time for my own novels.

This was short, but I appreciate your reading it just the same. Happy Saturday, everyone!


Celebration and Poldark

Good evening, everyone! Today is the first day, since June 8th, that I’ve not thought invariably about my re-write of Love’s Misadventure… and it’s been amazing! Let me be clear, that I love working on my writing, which includes editing. It was simply a refreshing change to have a day in which I could clean the house, play with the kids, and relax without having my editing constantly on my mind.

I’m so proud of my re-write. I feel that the story and my characters have been strengthened and improved. It’s honestly a fantastic feeling. Needless to say, I’ve been celebrating!

Strangely enough, my version of celebrating is rewarding my hard work by watching the new Poldark series.


I’ve only watched two of the four episodes that I’ve got on my PVR, but I have to say, I think it’s worth the wait. My only criticism would be that the story seems to progress very quickly for my taste (for example, eight months elapse between the second and third episodes), and the cinematography was difficult to become accustomed to. Overall, I am very fond of the show. I mean, who couldn’t like this?:

Poldark 2

Or this?:


Of course, it’s not just Aidan Turner that has me enamoured of the show. I’m quite fond of the story, the scenery, the costumes… the list could go on. I love the Georgian era in its entirety, so having a great love story set in that time is quite thrilling for me.

Anyway, friends, it is time for my children to go to bed and for me to watch another episode of Poldark! I’m so excited!

Good night and thank you for reading!

Author Update!

Good morning, blog readers! I must once more apologize for my absence. I’ve been neck-deep in my editing, which is due for re-submission in just over one week. I’ve still got a long way to go, so my days will be consumed with that, when I’m not taking care of the kids.

I’ve got to say a HUGE thank-you to my Mom for coming over and watching the kids for me, and to my husband who has been taking on both the Mom and Dad role over the weekends. You guys are the greatest!

On another note, I’ve also been participating in the Twitter pitch events (and am now a part of the Pandamoon acquisitions team), so I’ve been reading submissions in the evenings. It’s so much fun!

Guess what? I’ve got another blog! I’m participating in Pandamoon Publishing’s group blog! It’s a collection of posts from not just the authors, but some editors, marketing members, and more. I post there on Fridays. Please, come have a look! My last post, This Author’s Big Secret, was posted just this past Friday. And yes, I reveal a big secret.

Thank you all so much for reading! Happy Monday!

How I Find My Inspiration

Good evening, blog readers! This post will hopefully prove helpful for those of you struggling to find inspiration for your own projects.


When it comes to plot ideas, there are several ways that I find inspiration:

1. I have a dream. It is because of my mid-sleep inspirations that I keep my phone (and on it, my notepad) on my bedside table.
2. I hear a song with lyrics that resonate with me, allowing my imagination to wander.
3. In extremely rare moments of silence. Whenever the kids are being watched by a family member and I’ve got a little time to myself, I think of all the plot possibilities.
4. Watching movies. I internally pick movie plots apart in my mind, wondering what would have happened if things had progressed differently.

As for character inspirations, I gather ideas differently:

1. To find inspiration for personality traits, I spend a lot of time observing others. I watch for nervous twitches, habits, listen to the cadence of their voices, etc. I can also find these from film and television.
2. Once I know who my character is, personality-wise, I search Pinterest for visual inspiration.

I keep a private folder on my computer and in Pinterest filled with photos of men, women, animals, estates, scenery, and Regency-styled rooms. When each of my novels are close to their publication date, I will share the visual-inspiration for each of the novels’ characters in a blog.

Whenever I find myself lacking for inspiration, I engross myself in something related to my project. In my particular case, it is always something Regency-oriented, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, or Emma, for example. Whether it is in film or novel format, I find a way to sit down with them and get that familiar anticipation for my Regency novels once more.

I hope that this blog has helped those of you looking for inspiration, and for the rest of you, I hope that you enjoyed the insight into my life as a Historical Romance author.

Thank you all for reading! I hope you have a lovely week!

Absence Apology and Author Update

Good evening, lovely blog readers! I’m here to offer my profound apologies for being absent of late. Good gravy, it’s been a month since my last blog! I could give you all the story of the kids’ colds, the big life events, birthdays, vacations, etc. and while they would all be true, they are not good enough reasons for being remiss in my posts. For that, I am sorry.

Alas, here I am attempting to make amends. I will do my utmost to keep up with a minimum of one post per week. Some might be short, some might be lengthy, but I will always do my best to post.

As for an author update, I have completed my short story and submitted it to my publisher. I am expecting the first round of editing notes for Love’s Misadventure soon, which is exciting! Things are progressing, which feels great. I’ll post updates as soon as I can.

On the topic of future blog posts, I have plenty of ideas that I’m prepared to talk about, and most are fun with photos, so please keep in touch!

Thank you all so much for reading! You’re the best!
Happy Tuesday!

Sneak Peek of my Short Story

Good morning, blog readers! If you follow my Facebook page, you would have seen that I’ve put aside my work for the next novel in my series in favour of writing a short story. It’s to eventually go in an anthology with some of my fellow Pandas (authors) from Pandamoon Publishing.

The short story is a lusty Regency tale of a couple meeting at a masquerade.


My hero is a thirty-three year old Canada-migrated Englishman named Benjamin Laverick, the Earl of Huntsford. My heroine is a twenty-six year old widow named Hannah Fitton, the Dowager Viscountess of Edenthorpe.

Also, if you follow me on Facebook, you will have already seen the sneak peek that I revealed yesterday. But since I’m sure that most of you haven’t visited my FB page, here is the sneak peek, just for you! :

{“What is your name?” Ben blurted, the words rumbling from deep within him.

The Beauty’s grin widened and her eyes gleamed with mischief as she shook one finger at him. “Ah-ah. You mustn’t break the rules of the masque.”

He matched her grin. “You follow the rules, do you, madam?”

She cast her gaze down briefly in mock modesty before returning – nay, burning – into his once more. “The rules of the masque, indeed, must always be followed, sir. However…” she hesitated and his heart faltered, “…the rules of society? Most assuredly not.”

Ben almost crowed.}

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! I hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for reading! Happy Thursday!

*Photos found on Pinterest*

The Awesomeness That Was My Weekend – At Fan Expo

Good morning, blog readers! Once again, I must apologize for not posting in a timely manner. Though I must say that we are finally over our colds, it just means that we must catch up on all of the house work that didn’t get done while we were sick. Which was quite a bit…

Anyway, I’d like to get right to the crux of this blog. My weekend! I’m not sure if any of you know, but I am a huge fangirl when it comes to science fiction. I grew up watching Star Trek TNG, Red Dwarf, and super hero movies, as well as playing video games to try to keep up with my brother and my dad. Needless to say, this has seeped into my adult life. I am a very big fan of shows like Dr. Who, Sherlock, and Firefly (so sad it was only on for one season!), and films like the Star Wars and Avengers series’. It was for that reason that this weekend was one of the best ever.

This weekend, my husband and I (and our oldest two sons on Saturday) went to Fan Expo Canada. It is a “comic con” of sorts for us Canadians. Let me just pop out a few names that were on the celebrity guest list… William Shatner (Captain Kirk – Star Trek), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia – Star Wars), Brent Spiner (Data – Star Trek TNG), and John Barrowman (Captain Jack – Dr. Who). *Fangirl Squeal* Yes. It was a wonderful turnout. Now, while I could drone on about how much I love these celebrities, I think I will just share some of my favourite photos. (No, I didn’t get one with Shatner or Fisher. Couldn’t get close enough and it cost too much to get photos with them.) Alas, here are my photos:

This is Middle Son (4yo) getting a hug from Elmo. He was so excited!


This is John Barrowman making a joke while signing my husband’s Time-Vortex Manipulator.


This was our signed photograph from Brent Spiner.


This is a photo from John Barrowman’s Q&A. Funniest thing I’d ever been to – and the highlight of the weekend.


Hubby and I waiting in our seats for Brent Spiner’s Q&A.IMG_4239

Brent Spiner in his Q&A. He was much more amusing than I expected. IMG_2619

Some cool cosplayers. Mario Swat and Princess Peach Medic. IMG_2606

The back of my head as I took a photo of some storm troopers and Chewbacca.IMG_2603

The storm troopers and Chewbacca.


One of our signatures from John Barrowman. It’s a metal replica of the sign on the T.A.R.D.I.S. from Dr. Who.


Another autograph from John Barrowman (aka Captain Jack from Dr. Who).IMG_4200

Oldest Son (dressed as a Clone Wars storm trooper) with a couple of storm troopers.IMG_4166

With Elsa and Belle. Middle Son was too shy to be in this photo.IMG_4153

John Barrowman signing my husband’s Time-Vortex Manipulator.IMG_4146

The crowds at the Fan Expo. This was the mild turnout of the first day.IMG_4130

Hubby and I waiting in line for our autograph from Brent Spiner (aka Data from Star Trek TNG)


Hubby and I in front of the Delorean.


Hubby and I posing with a replica T.A.R.D.I.S.IMG_2556So there you have it! Some of my favourite photos from our weekend at Fan Expo. It was a blast!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

The Granddaddies On My Bookshelf – Part 1

Good morning, blog readers! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. It would appear that this cold had not yet concluded with our household, so things have been a little slow going for us.

This blog post is going to be the first of several about the antique books that I have collected over the years. I have collected many things in my lifetime. When I was young, it was marbles, buttons, and candles, but as I grew up my interests changed. Now I have a passion for antiques.

When I walk into an antique shop my heart rate picks up speed, my stomach flutters with excitement, and my mind races with thoughts of what I want to bring home. Of course, I gravitate to the smaller items, such as teacups, books, and keys, so my house has not yet overflowed with antique goodies.

My personal collection is modest, but I encourage it to grow at every opportunity.

The antique books I own are a treasure that I hold dear. The first in the line of books in the accompanying picture is actually my husband’s. It is not as old as the others, but as my husband is an electrician, he found the aged electrical guide amusing.


The second book in the group is a combination of two novels written by a woman named Mrs. Inchbald. She was indeed a very interesting woman.

The third book in the group is one of my favorites! It is a book of poetry written by a man named Nicolas Rowe. He was the first modern editor for William Shakespeare, and was apparently very famous in his day. The book cost me nearly $100, but I feel it was worth it. I was so excited to have a little piece of history in my hands that I couldn’t resist!

The last two novels (Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens) were also an impulse buy. They are second (or third?) editions. It would be easier to pinpoint if they had publishing dates, but sadly they do not.

Since this photo was taken, I have amassed several more antiquarian books/collections, including Byron’s poems. But those will be shared another day.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Author Update

Good afternoon blog readers! Last week our whole house came down with a series of illnesses, which took precedence over any and all other activities. Antibiotics have taken care of things, however, and we’re all recovering well. The week was awful, but at least I got to read! I posted two reviews of the three novels that I managed to read. I hope you all had a much better week than I!

As for my author news, I successfully completed the first round of editing before the Champagne house became ill, which feels fantastic! Two days ago I began the second round of editing, during which I decided to re-write the prologue. I think you’re all going to love it! I know I certainly do.

Now that I’m feeling better and my tasks are getting completed (and I can catch up on all the housework that I missed over the last week) I am gathering my notes for further blogs. Stay tuned for my next blog titled “The Granddaddies on my Bookshelf – Part 1” that will be coming soon.

Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you have a lovely week!

A Little Update On My Writing

Good morning, blog readers! I’m just popping in to let you all know that while I’m not regularly blogging right now, I have plans for future blogs. At the moment, my current novel (tentatively named The Charming Spy) is sitting at 71,000 words and I’m getting eager to get as much writing in as I can to finish it up.

This novel is about Sir Bramwell Stevens, whom we have met in several other of my novels, and Miss Rose Wilkinson, the niece of a suspected traitor. I’ve begun writing the last few chapters and it’s very exciting! I find myself getting nervous for my characters while I write, but as with all romance novels, it will end happily!

Off I go back to writing! Thank you all so much for reading! Have a great week!