Food My Husband Makes

Good evening, everyone! Tonight I’m going to share some photos of food that my husband has made. I believe I’ve mentioned before that he is an excellent cook, but perhaps these pictures will prove it to you.

My husband has made such things as: peach cobbler, cinnamon buns, eggs Benedict, beef wellington, crab, lobster, home-made pizza (including the dough), homemade bread and buns, weekly crepes, cakes, cupcakes, homemade lasagna, pizza pretzels, roast beef with Yorkshire¬†pudding… the list could go on.

This is an example of a flawless meal of prawns and broccoli with hollandaise on top.


This is an example of my husband’s weekly crepes. He sometimes makes whipped cream to go inside with berries, and sometimes with custard… but my boys always have theirs with Nutella inside.


This is a photo of my husband’s roast beef with Yorkshire pudding.


And lastly, these are photos of our dinner last night. We had some king crab legs in the freezer, so Hubby cooked them up and used the meat in some eggs Benedict. Absolutely delicious!

IMG_3006 IMG_3007

Again, my husband is a superb cook. His meals put all of mine to shame. But I keep trying!

Thank you for reading! Good night, all!