Book Review: 122 Rules by Deek Rhew

122 Rules (122 Series #1)122 Rules by Deek Rhew
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deek Rhew is a master when it comes to humour. Not only is this a great mystery, thriller/suspense novel, but Rhew adds his own flavour of levity that had me laughing throughout.

This was an effortless read. The engrossing plot kept me eagerly reading until the end. Rhew created a cleverly-written and well-timed novel. I genuinely can’t wait until I get to read the next in the series!

Kudos, Deek Rhew, on a spectacular book!

I received an ARC from the publisher, but I’ve already pre-ordered my own finished copy.

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Book Review: Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

Annihilation (Southern Reach, #1)Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’d been warring with myself on whether or not I should write this review. I don’t like to write negative reviews, generally. It’s evident, however, that I’m not alone in my opinion, for these SFF fans/reviewers seem to be divided when it comes to the Southern Reach trilogy. Some give it rave reviews, and others feel as I do: a little cheated.

I have to give the author credit, the language and general writing was superb. What fell apart for me, however, was the style and story. The entire novel was written as diary entries, which makes my “show, don’t tell” instinct twitch. I will grant, that there were some good points, but the drawn-out descriptions were filled with what I felt was unnecessary information. I would have liked to get some more emotion out of the protagonist and more dialogue out of everyone.

The suspense just wasn’t there for me. It felt like there was no urgency, no immediate danger. It is possible that this is because these are all diary entries, and I knew that the main character survives at least to write the entries. If it was written in-the-moment I might have been more invested, unfortunately, this just fell short for me.

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Book Review – The Juliet by Laura Ellen Scott

The JulietThe Juliet by Laura Ellen Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! I’ve got to start off by saying that I truly admire Laura Ellen Scott’s ability to create such a detailed and inter-woven plot. I am in awe! Not only was the story told in such a remarkable way, but also, the flow of her sentences and fantastic imagery made this a smooth and enjoyable read.

Laura Ellen Scott’s characters are spectacular. They popped from the pages and came to life; I could swear that even the narrative voice in my mind changed with each character.

I absolutely loved this book! Kudos to Laura!

*I received an ARC copy from the publisher, but I’ve already pre-ordered my own copy!

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Book Review – Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt

Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane, #8)Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Phoebe and James are an absolutely wonderful couple. Phoebe’s personality is light, open, and entirely refreshing, while James is solicitous and surprisingly eloquent with descriptions. The two together make for a great read. Their conversations are entertaining, and the spark between them is enjoyable. There isn’t a single thing about Phoebe and James that I could critique, besides maybe the age difference, but that’s a non-issue in my mind.

I quite liked seeing the other Maiden Lane characters again. I’d been anticipating Phoebe and Trevillion’s books, and I’m thrilled that they ended up together.

I wasn’t particularly fond of either Eve Dinwoody or Valentine Napier, the Duke of Montgomery, as they came off more like anti-heroes, not future main characters of their own romance novels. But, as this review isn’t for their books, I didn’t take my opinion of them into account while giving my rating here.

Overall, this was a spectacular read for me!

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One Night With A Prince – by Sabrina Jeffries – Review

One Night with a Prince (Royal Brotherhood, #3)One Night with a Prince by Sabrina Jeffries
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have never once been disappointed in any of Sabrina Jeffries’ books, and One Night with a Prince is no different. In fact, since the first time I read it, it remains steadfastly my favourite historical romance novel ever. This is the twelfth time I’ve read One Night with a Prince, with the intention of reading it again in the near future.

Gavin Byrne is a charming rogue with a scarring past and Christabel is his perfect match, in wits and in every romantic sense. Jeffries wrote their exchanges to be page-turners; I continuously find myself anxious to see what would happen with them on the next page.

I highly recommend this novel, and any of Sabrina Jeffries’ work!

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Book Review – In Bed With the Duke by Christina Dodd

In Bed with the Duke (Governess Brides, #8)In Bed with the Duke by Christina Dodd
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I am unsure how to rate this novel. While I absolutely loved the first half, I despised the second. The relationship between the Reaper and Emma was infectious and enchanting. In the second half, however, the “love” scene between Michael and Emma (the hero and heroine) read more like a rape scene, which both disturbed and disgusted me. Phrases like “I have this right. I take this right.” and “I own you” are overly possessive and potentially threatening/menacing. Emma might have been thinking “yes”, but she was saying “no” and clearly fighting him.

Because of my conflict of emotions and opinions from one half of the novel to the other, I give it 1 1/2 stars.

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Book Review – Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt

Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane, #2)Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I always love a story about a not-so-rakish rake that falls hard for the novel’s heroine. This novel was no different. I absolutely love Griffin; his charm, his love of his family, his sensitive side… the list could go on.

The heroine of the novel, Lady Hero, while also quite a likeable character, was more challenging to identify with. She held firm to her ‘statue-like’, prim exterior, which one could expect from the daughter of a Duke, but it was difficult for me to get past her emotional restrictions. We knew she loved Griffin, Griffin knew she loved him, and yet she steadfastly refused to admit it. I found it strangely frustrating and wanted to give the girl a shake.

Alas, the novel ends happily in a perfect conclusion to satisfy the reader. As always, I love Elizabeth Hoyt’s colourful descriptions and her use of intriguing words. Her action/fight/battle scenes were fast-paced and entirely enthralling.

As usual, I highly recommend Elizabeth Hoyt’s work!

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It’s Been a While

Good evening, blog readers! Wow. It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve written a blog post. Sorry! We dealt with the kids being sick with nasty colds and other issues, all of which have been taken care of. My children are all well recovered and running about like little monkeys once again.

I just finished reading two great books, which I’ve reviewed on Goodreads. They were Fried Windows: In A Light White Sauce by Elgon Williams and Sitnalta by Alisse Lee Goldenberg. I confess that excluding J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, I have never read anything akin to fantasy before these two novels. I read Historical Romance nearly exclusively (though I intend to remedy that). But I must say, that I truly enjoyed both of these novels.

Sitnalta was a light and calming read while also adventurous and interesting.

Fried Windows: In A Light White Sauce brought me into an entirely different world. It was wonderfully and magically entertaining.

Things got rather busy for me once I signed the contracts with my publisher; there were a lot of behind-the-scenes things that were required of me and I needed to re-edit my five novels. Things are just now calming down, so today I began the process of re-absorbing myself in my next novel. As I am already a quarter of the way through writing it, I must re-read what I’ve already written before I start writing again. I must say, I am rather excited about this one! Of course, I’m always excited about my current novel!

I plan to continue writing blogs, though I cannot say how many of them will be about new foods that I try. Each time I try something new, however, I promise to take photos. For now, you will likely hear about the progress of my writing, books, or other of my hobbies.

Thank you all for reading!