Regency Fashion (Part 1)

Good evening, blog readers! Today’s post is going to be predominantly photographs that I’ve pulled from my Regency board on Pinterest. I greatly enjoy anything Regency related, whether it be film, TV shows, or, most frequently, books. I both read and write Regency era novels, and while I do, I quite enjoy having visual inspiration. The following are pictures of Regency era women’s fashion.

Rest assured, I plan to post several additional blogs, some more detailed than this one, with men’s fashion, rooms from ballroom to kitchens, estates, castles, and many more. I cannot claim to be an expert, by any means, on this subject, but I have spent many years reading on the topic. While I feel confident in what I know, I still have much to learn about Regency England.

These are the photos I’ve chosen to share with you today.

This is a Chemisette. It was meant to cover a woman’s chest, raising the neckline of a gown to add modesty. Chemisette

This is a cotton morning dress.

Cotton Morning Dress

This is a day dress.

Day dress

The pin I saved this from read “dress and spencer”.

Dress and Spencer

This is an evening dress.

Evening Dress

This is another evening gown.

Evening Gown 2

This is a photo of a linen petticoat. It goes beneath a dress/gown.

Linen Petticoat

This is another example of a petticoat. This one is embroidered and decorative.


This pin read “Redingote, French, strip printed plain-weave cotton”.

Redingote, French, strip printed plain-weave cotton

This is a photo of sprigged muslin gowns. “Sprigged” refers to the often embroidered design of flowers or sprigs of leaves.

Sprigged Muslin Gowns

This photo focuses on a velvet spencer.

Velvet Spencer

This is a walking dress.

Walking Dress

This is another example of a spencer.

Whitework Spencer

As I mentioned above, I am still learning about Regency fashion, but as I find it fascinating, I quite enjoy each lesson.

If any of my readers have questions, comments, or if you would like me to post about anything specific, please let me know!

Thank you all for reading!